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We are specialized in Passport and Immigration photos for U.S. government requirements.  Our digital studio is equipped to take your photographs whenever it's convenient for you, and offer fast, quality service.

We are up-to-date with latest guidelines and requirements for producing high quality for U.S. passport & USCIS photos. We GUARANTEE that our photographs will be accepted by Passport agency and the USCIS.

US Passport Photo $10.00, Plus MD Tax
Immigration Photo $20. $20.00, Plus MD

We recommend that you do not try to print your own passport photos- the government specifications are strict and delays can be occurred.

Immigration and Naturalization photographs: Immigration, Visa, Green Card:

The following information is provided by USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Applications and Petitions That Require Photos

2 photos are required for the following forms: I-90 -

     Renew or replace your Permanent Resident Card - Green Card
     I-131 - Re-entry permit, refugee travel document, or advance parole
     I-485 - Adjust status and become a permanent resident while in the US
     I-765 - Employment Authorization / Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
     I-777 - Replace Northern Marina Card
     I-821 - Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Program
     N-300 - Declaration of Intent (to apply for US citizenship)
     N-400 - Naturalization (to become a US citizen)
     N-565 - Replace Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate

3 photos are required for the following forms: I-698 - Temporary Resident's application under the 1987 Legalization Program for permanent resident status - file 1 photo for your application, and bring the other 2 with you to your interview.
N-600K - To apply for US citizenship for foreign-born child residing abroad with US citizen parent

4 photos are required for the following forms: I-817 - To apply for Family Unity Benefits
I-881 - NACARA - suspension of deportation or special rule cancellation

File the following with your photos and of others as shown below:

I-129F - Fiancé(e) Petition - file with 1 photo of you + 1 photo of fiancé(e)
I-130 - Relative petition - if filing for your husband or wife, file with 1 photo of you + 1 photo of your husband or wife
I-589 - Asylum - file with 1 photo of you + 1 photo of each family member that you are including in your application
I-730 - Relative petition filed by a person granted Asylum or Refugee status - file with 1 photo of the family member for whom you are filing the I-730
I-914 - 'T' nonimmigrant status - file with 3 photos of you + 3 photos of each immediate family member for which you file an I-914A supplement

(Included 6-Pictures on a single sheet of 4"x6") Glossy Finish Printout

FORMAT: Immigration and Naturalization photographs
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Immigration, Visa, Green Card and U.S. Passport

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