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- Ear Piercing Special Inquiries and Appointments -

(410) 335-4816 & Email: mn@honeygostudio.com

At our Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio; we are using MediSystem of ear piercing equipment and supplies include ear piercing kits, instruments, studs, pierced ear antiseptic. Used by physicians and retailers worldwide, MediSystem and MediStuds make ear piercing a safe, simple and trouble free procedure. In the United States alone they have been used to pierce the ears of over 40 MILLION consumers. To make your selection easier, we have noted our top selling and most popular products.  Our facility have been certified by direct MediSystem manufacturer.

Starter kit piercing earrings

  • We use only pre-sterilized, pre-packaged earrings — we NEVER use needles.
  • Your ear piercing specialist will wear single-use disposable gloves and clean the ear piercing instrument before and after each use — so it's safe and hygienic.
  • We've already pierced over 100+ people at our studio — and we'll be extra-sure to take good care of yours.
  • Free ear piercing for both males & females; 6-mon old & over.
 Piercing Procedure (Free with Studs purchase) $ FREE*
 Ear Piercing Studs starting... $ 28.50


Our specialist will first clean the surface of your ears with a disinfectant/antiseptic wipe. The piercing itself will be made with a professional piercing system, which consists of an instrument that creates minimal discomfort to the customer as the right amount of pressure is carefully applied to effectively pierce the ear and insert the ear-piercing earring.

Before your Merle Norman’s specialist pierce your ears, she'll ask you to read and sign the MediSystem’s registry, consent and release of liability (you can read copies of these documents below. Please note that all forms and signatures must be completed at the store. A parent or guardian of a minor must be present at the studio at the time of an ear piercing).

- Everyone is inspecting the markings alignment, to make sure it parallel to both ears.  Take a deep breathe and hold hands if necessary...


Merle Norman’s performs ear piercing under hygienic conditions with the highest quality ear piercing earrings. Another unique feature of this piercing, you can request to have two technicians to perform at the same time.  Just one time shot procedure... After your ears are pierced, we recommend you to buy P/N: MS1013 - PIERCED EAR ANTISEPTIC 4FL. OZ

 Your Selections of Ear Piercing Studs- 24kt Gold Plated   
 Traditional Ball
 CZ Tiffany Mt
 Birthstones Bezel Mt
 Birthstones Tiffany Mt
 Designer Stones Bezel Mt
 Designer Stones Tiffany Mt

**Prices of all services are subject to change without notice**
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